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Client Testimonials

"I've had the pleasure of working with Amanda and we have remained in touch, and it always strikes me how connected, energetic, and upbeat she is! Amanda knows her way around the grant world and manages to juggle multiple projects at once. She knows how to keep perspective and get the job done, although her many projects keep her moving many boulders uphill at one time. She has a keen eye for appropriate projects to aim for, and how to bring in the right partners to get grants completed with professionalism. Also, Amanda excels at networking and keeps her ear to the ground for opportunities and information, which benefits her host institution greatly." -Kristin G. Business Consultant, Global Entrepreneurship Business Lab 

"I had the pleasure of working with Amanda between 2018 - 2022 when I was an Executive Director at an Institution of Higher Education. During this time, I had an opportunity to closely work with her and observe a woman of character, integrity, and strong ethics. Most importantly these attributes are infused into work and is evident in everything she produces. It is rare to find such an individual that epitomizes the very foundation that high performing teams are constructed from. She is one of the few. One thing I am confident in, however, is her agility, combined with a growth-mindset being one of the greatest assets. Meaning, you put her on a team outside her comfort zone, or assign her duties not native to her, before long, you would never know, and she would become one of your highest performers." -Pete B. VP of Partnerships, Explorance

"If you’re looking for a grant professional to guide you through a complicated and extensive grant cycle, Amanda is a brilliant colleague to work with. Amanda also worked with me to network with an industry client to provide grant knowledge and funding opportunities that would have taken months to find and process. With her expertise, we were able to identify education and funding partners to move the project along at an industry pace. I appreciate her professionalism and the trusted philanthropy network she has built throughout her career. She is a valuable asset to the organization." -Marilyn K. Director College Partnerships & Success, Washtenaw Community College


"I had the opportunity to work with Amanda and she is a bright and competent person. She carries out responsibilities above and beyond what is expected. Her critical thinking skills and attention to details are very strong attributes. Her passion for her work is evident in the work that she produces. Amanda is a great team player and is very supportive of her team, aiding and sharing her expertise as needed. Amanda would be an asset to any organization that she chooses to work with." -Judith C. CEO, Cawhorn Strategic Fund Development


"Amanda is a dedicated professional with immense grant knowledge. A background in managing projects of any shape and size, Amanda has experience in grant writing and development, and a background in Instructional Design making managing large projects second nature." -Robert P. Accountant and Instructional Design Professional, Baker College


"I had the pleasure of working with Amanda on the Federal Funding Task Force for many years. She strikes me as an eminently capable, organized person, quick to help and quicker to put a good attitude toward any complex task. She shows strong follow-up skills and an ability to organize and shepherd large groups with complex and delicate personalities and do so with aplomb. During our work together, she helped me develop and implement a large, web-based resource project for CRD. Amanda was instrumental in helping test the tool online, provide detail-level recommendations on its effectiveness, and was always ready to aid and help. From my experience with her, I have cause to strongly consider her for the job against an unknown candidate any day." -Randy D. Graduate Research | Ph.D. Student, University of Nebraska


"I had the pleasure of working with Amanda during my time as a dean for Baker College-Online Campus. Amanda immediately impressed me with her organizational skills and professionalism. She works hard to complete all her assigned projects on time and Amanda reminded our staff on a daily basis that she was an important asset to our team. I highly recommend Amanda without reservation." -Kelvin B. Program Manager, Texas Credentials for the Future


"Amanda is hard-working, organized, diligent and thorough." -Thomas C. Product Development Specialist at 100K Ideas

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