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As consultants, we are generally paid through three approaches: hourly, project-based, and

retainer. Overall, consulting fees are affected by a grant writer’s experience and track record, the

type of services provided, and the length of the proposed engagement hence the stated price range $100 to $175. Here are some general


Hourly Pricing

Average range is from $100 to $175, which is based on writers who have extensive experience, proven track records with multiple clients, and additional skills, such as program design and budgeting.


Project Based Pricing

An organization submits a desired scope of work, and GemX Grant

Consulting will quote a one-time cost for that scope. No hours are tracked or reported in invoices. We will ask that at least 50% of the project fee be paid up-front. No surprise invoices with unexpectedly high hours!


Retainer Pricing

Generally used when an organization is looking for long-term, hands-on grant support. GemX Grant Consulting would be committed to holding a certain number of hours each month for the client. In exchange, they agree to pay a set fee each month. Most retainer agreements are for 6-12 months. A retainer can help with budgeting and getting a broader range of grant funding support.

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