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New Funding Opportunity

KFC Foundation

Maximum Grant Amount



May 31, 2024

The KFC Foundation accepts applications to the Kentucky Fried Wishes grant program on a quarterly basis.

The focus area is different for each quarterly grant cycle.

Cycle 1

Empowering thorugh Education and Training (application period February 1 - 29, 2024)


Community-wide CPR certification program

Library for afterschool literacy program

Equipment and curriculum for job skill training for adults with disabilities

Cycle 2

Improving Health and Well-Being (application period May 1 - 31, 2024)


Mobile health clinic creation

Playground improvements

Domestic violence shelter upgrades

Accommodations for individuals with disabilities

Cycle 3

Expanding Access to Food and Shelter (application period July 1 - July 31)


Food pantry remodel

Community garden creation

Building repairs and renovations

Beautification of community space

Cycle 4

Caring for the Environment, Animals and More (application period September 1 - 30)


Permanent wildlife conservation exhibit

New vehicle for mobile vet clinic

Park improvements

Other reasonable project requests that haven’t been covered in the categories

Your project may fall under several project categories. You may re-apply if your project isn’t funded in one quarterly cycle.

The Foundation is interested in tangible, actionable projects that are feasible to accomplish with the $10,000 grant and will make an immediate impact in your community.

If you have a larger project (i.e., 100-mile trail restoration), break it down into something that $10,000 could cover in full (i.e., 10-mile trail restoration out of our 100-mile project).


Any recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization, governmental entity or other IRS recognized charitable organization that have maintained good standing with the Internal Revenue Service for at least two years.


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