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The Banfield Foundation is accepting applications for Veterinary Medical Equipment.

This grant program is for nonprofit animal welfare organizations and/or local or state governments with an animal welfare mission, to provide funding for the purchase of veterinary medical equipment for on-site animal shelter veterinary clinics, low-cost veterinary practices, mobile veterinary units, disaster relief vehicles, etc.

Funding can be used to purchase a variety of medical equipment such as dental equipment, digital x-ray imaging systems and accessories, ultrasounds, autoclaves and sterilizers, centrifuges, veterinary tables and surgical lighting, etc. Funding can be used to cover the total purchase price of equipment up to $15,000.00 or can be used toward the purchase price of higher priced items.

Organizations can only be approved for funding once a year, and for a total of two consecutive years for the Veterinary Assistance, Veterinary Medical Equipment and/or Pet Advocacy Grant programs. If you have been funded by the Banfield Foundation and/or Banfield Charitable Trust for the last two years for these programs, you will not be considered for a third year of funding. After a gap year, you will, however, be able to apply for these grant program again. This rule does not apply to their Disaster Relief and Flea and Tick Grant programs.

Funding is available nationwide.


Applications are accepted quarterly in February, May, August, and November and awards are announced the following month. Therefore, application periods are as follows:

February 1 - 28

May 1 - 31

August 1 - 31

November 1 - 30

Application Link

Reach out to if you would like assistance pursuing this or other opportunities.

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